Connect your customers to capital.

Loanspark is a subscription based, embedded Business Lending as a Service solution that enables any organization to become a small business lender in less than 7 days.

Elevate your business to new levels

The Loanspark platform provides unlimited scalability to originate, package and fund business purpose loans.

Why Loanspark?

We recognize the challenges and pitfalls business owners face due to complex lending processes and predatory lenders. Determined to transform the industry, we created a SaaS and services lending model centered on product diversity, disruptive lending decisions, and partnerships. This approach not only simplifies business lending but also empowers B2B companies to become the trusted lending allies for their business customers, amplifying positive impact across communities and the economy.

Product Diversity

We pushed the limits to solve the issue of cost of capital by diversifying our funding options to more than 160 programs, significantly increasing conversion and approval rates!
Lending Decision Engine

Because it is much harder to have predictable outcomes when it comes to a business profile vs. a consumer profile, we built proprietary tech to make smarter decisions and increase approvals

You don't have to be PayPal or Shopify to offer lending to your SMB customers. Our white-label fully embedded solution offers lending on your behalf in your brand name from hello to funded!

Customer testimonials

Here is what some of our Partners are saying!

The team at Loanspark is quick to respond to our loan submissions and has been a strong partner regarding our Commercial and SBA needs. As a mortgage company specializing in residential lending, we always look for ways to expand and help our clients with additional services. It is nice to have a well-versed group of professionals who provide loan products for our business owners and investor clients. We are thankful for our partnership with Loanspark and look forward to continuing to work with them. We highly recommend Loanspark for your investment, commercial, and SBA loan needs.

- Mortgage Company Executive
Through our white label partnership with Loanspark, we have been able to provide funding to thousands of small and medium businesses, supporting local communities while growing our brand. The Loanspark SMB Advocates that work with our business customers are kind, professional, and supportive. Loanspark provides a much needed service to B2B service providers who want to expand their offerings and start providing funding to their customer base.

- Financial Marketing Company GM

Frequently asked questions

How many companies do I have to partner with to provide full end-to-end lending for my SMB customers?
How are you able to diversify the lending offerings for my SMB customers?
How long does it take to fully get up and running with our custom embedded white-label lending offering?
Are you transparent with the way you use and access our customers' data?