Loanspark is Lighting
a New Way for Businesses

Community growth and entrepreneurial success is what inspires us

Why we spark

We standardize a messy business financing process for companies that work with SMBs. Our platform allows you to match your customers with the right loan programs to support their business needs.  We provide your customers the loan program matches, help them select the best lending provider and then we handle the underwriting process for them. It’s your personalized, co-branded, outsourced business financing solution. We make the process easy: your customers grow, you grow!


At Loanspark, our mission is to help our customers grow revenue and increase their customer engagement through the utilization of our innovative and simple business financing solutions. We strive to accomplish this by providing tailored business lending products and services that deliver value for our customers' SMB customers and thus, help to ensure the health and growth of business communities everywhere.


To be the world’s leading Business Lending as a Service provider, helping businesses retain customers and increase revenue through industry-leading, co-branded business lending products. We will assist our customers in achieving their goals by providing the most comprehensive, easy-to-use platform, and world-class customer service. We are committed to innovation and are dedicated to developing new products and features that help our customers' businesses grow and succeed.

We're the star of the market

Loanspark is the standard the entire BLaaS market is measured against. Extensive experience, excellent customer service, and innovative tech make us the star of the market.

Action Oriented Behaviors

Start with customers
Innovate with purpose
Just fix it
Be radically candid
Grow through feedback
Lead by serving others
Replicate patterns of success
Deliver on promises and only promise what we can deliver

Spark something new!
Connect your customers to capital, with Loanspark

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