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Marketplace-as-a-Service amplifies the power behind lenders and programs

With the power of our state-of-the-art loan originations system, Loanspark personnel efficiently process, underwrite, and fund loans on your behalf. Our point of sale and loan originations systems are fully integrated and function together in real-time.

How the magic happens

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We originate
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We advise
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Proprietary originations technology

Built with the purpose to scale to unlimited commercial financial transactions, our tech is able to plug-and-play with any private or public bank, and traditional and non-traditional commercial programs alike. We extend our enterprise class, originations superpowers to you!

Licensed and bonded to originate transactions

Loanspark is licensed and compliant in 47 states, and we guarantee ongoing regulatory reviews. This allows us to champion not only your bottom line, but your reliability as well — you never have to wonder or worry if our operations with you are up-to-code. We keep it all in tune, all the time.

Our dedicated staff are trained on federal and state compliance.
Multi-tiered licensing is maintained where applicable at corporate and individual levels to ensure compliance.

Back up your back-office

Loanspark's superior knowledge of business lending can help you quickly improve operational performance and back-office economics. It's comprehensive, fully compliant business lending fulfillment.

Back up your back-office with Loanspark

Business Lending at a New Level

Stop waiting and harness the power of Loanspark's experience and expertise. Shaped from countless projects, our industry-leading technology, process efficiency, multi-channel business drivers, and straightforward customer guarantees will push your business lending platform to a new level.


From personalized tele-services to point of sale websites we provide the necessary channels and support to deliver a fast loan decision.

Loan Processing

Our streamlined, efficient process ensures that your customers will receive a quick and easy funding on our business lending products - we guarantee it!

Our Guarantees

Because our process and technology are effective and efficient, we can offer guarantees on pricing and same day loan decisions.

Spark something new!
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