Benefits to Our Customers

Here is why we make great Co-Brand Partners together!

Increase revenue

Spark a new revenue stream — without watering down your brand. Loanspark applies your branding to our cutting-edge tech and portal design, so your customers experience a seamless branded process that never feels like they’ve been forwarded to a random third party.

Why you should choose Loanspark
Co-Brand Solutions


Loanspark has been in the BLaaS game since day one. Our leadership has been on the front lines of co-brand innovation for more than 20 years and represents expertise that can’t be faked. Everything we offer is born out of extensive experience.


A great work environment with products that actually work attracts passionate, hardworking, loyal, conscientious, and intelligent people. And that's exactly the team we have built. We make sure that you feel pride when our people represent your brand.


Our focus is to make sure that the process we use to represent your brand is simple and effective. We don't just throw bodies at it - we use automation, technology, and our extensive experience to ensure that bottlenecks and hiccups are left to the bars.


Our extensive experience has taught us to always push for the best and most secure technology and tools. Because nothing met our high standards, we decided to create and modernize the old and broken tech of yester-finance, and take lending into the future.


By creating the technology of the future, and pairing it with our passionate and thoughtful team members, we are able to provide quick, accurate and flexible partnership solutions for our customers. We make it easy to partner with us.

Inspired by necessity, Loanspark sprang out of the 2020 economic downturn, offering immediate solutions to businesses anxious to reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase revenue- all while keeping their product world-class. For us, it's all about breathing new life into communities by making funding accessible through an endless number of trusted local brands.

Why you should partner with Loanspark

Secure a consistent and reliable revenue stream
Nurture relationships with existing customers
Create viable cross-selling opportunities
Gain valuable data insights about your customer's financial health
Keep your customers in your ecosystem - we never compete with you for their business, unlike others in this industry

We have ignition

BLaaSt off. Launch a high-yield product line with little overhead and no risk, backed by Loanspark’s nationally licensed platform.

The economics of your brand and
product lineup will skyrocket

Loanspark’s solutions leverage proprietary loan originations and call center technology specifically developed to support millions of loan transactions.

Eliminate operational risk

Outsource the complete originations process

Ensure compliance

Access expert staff and progressive tech

Doing it yourself is overrated

Using Loanspark to add business lending to your product offering allows you to take advantage of prebuilt infrastructure, go to market faster, keep your customers engaged, and grow revenue.
It's a no-brainer.

Shine even brighter

Partnering with Loanspark, you strengthen your brand and customer loyalty, and stand out from the competition.

Capture the cross-sell

Loanspark's infrastructure makes fast loan decisions possible, delivered with a personalized approach that allows you to capture the cross-sell like never before.

Our team members are trained in your company culture, and work toward conversion rates with proven selling strategies.

Get your customers fired up

Branded online access empowers your customers. Loanspark’s platform provides flexibility and convenience. Via an intuitive self-service cloud based interface, customers receive fast loan decisions, and when approved, can view all the different programs for which they qualify.

A brilliant experience

Loanspark offers a brilliantly robust experience that includes affordability calculators, research tools, glossary, live chat, and other critical product information. Customers can access everything they need on a computer or mobile device for a branded experience that even includes live person assistance if they want it.

Selling at a higher level

We attract customers to your program with a deep repository of business lending best practices that build awareness quickly and effectively.
Our holistic market strategy includes tip sheets, signage guidelines, flyers, banners, brochures, social media ads, direct mail, internet advertising and more.
Our team can help you conceptualize an ongoing marketing campaign to grow your business lending program and the revenue it produces.

Spark something new!
Connect your customers to capital, with Loanspark

Book a call with our team to learn more about how Loanspark can grow your business.